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Pres. Maduro: Date of presidential elections was agreed in the Dominican Republic – RNV

15 de febrero de 2018 03:10 PM
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The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stressed that in Venezuela there will be elections next Sunday, April 22, a date accepted by both the delegations of the National Government and the Venezuelan opposition in consensus at the round tables held in the Dominican Republic .

From the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice in downtown Caracas, the Head of State explained: “Well, why were they /the elections) advanced? Because it was a request of the world right wing and the Venezuelan opposition, they were for more than a year demanding the advance of the presidential elections, and it is also a need for public peace, you see the constant attacks on the electricity system, the Caracas Subway system and the constant attack on the economy of the country, and, Why do they do it? Because 2018 it is the year in which is defined the Presidency of the Republic and is defined what will be the last 7 years”, he said.

The national leader stressed that there will be no coup d’etat in Venezuela: “In Venezuela what you will see is Presidential elections and the people will decide who will be their President, freely, as always”, he said.

He stressed that the spokesman of the Venezuelan opposition, Julio Borges “intends to leave the country and take political asylum after refusing to sign the agreement of coexistence in the Dominican Republic, I am informed, I do not know if it is true still, I have been officially informed that Mr. Julio Borges is leaving the country, I regret this, I regret it, I wanted him here, and I wanted him as a candidate”, he said.

He also thanked the Dominican President, Danilo Medina and the former Spanish President, Jorge Luis Rodriguez Zapatero for all the efforts made in the dialogue process between the Bolivarian Government and the Venezuelan opposition.

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